Help with payday loan debt -Payday loan consolidation is the right solution

Payday loan consolidation is the right solution for you

A simple definition of payday loan consolidation: Grouping of all payday loans in one to get a single installment, lower than the sum of those currently paid- Visit Website.

Origin of debt consolidation: These are products and services that have been brought to Italy by foreign banks and that today are offered by a wide range of Italian operators.

Who is interested in debt consolidation? In 99.9% of cases, those who are already over-indebted.

So, is debt consolidation the right solution to over-indebtedness?

Many think that debt consolidation is the best solution to over-indebtedness. On the other hand, there are very few cases where it is. Often, making a debt consolidation is like trying to defuse a time bomb, without having a clear idea of which wire to cut. Actually when you get it, if you do not pay due attention, all you do is move the timer that will determine the moment of the explosion. But the explosion will be practically inevitable. Those who have already done so know what we are talking about.

If you are thinking about it, you will do well to read the following lines.

If you are thinking about it, you will do well to read the following lines.

There are very few cases in which debt consolidation can be “not harmful”.


  1. The new loan will have additional interest, calculated over a very long period, and the interest paid up until now with the old loans will be added to these. It will cost you an inappropriateness, (usually twice the current debt) even if you have the illusion of the convenient installment. It will bleed for another 10 years (almost always at least this time)
  2. Almost always, for the same reasons that today do not allow you to pay the current loans, you will not be able to pay even this last loan. ( 95% of the families that have already done so do so ).
  3. Furthermore, the period of economic suffering that preceded the consolidation operation could push you to allocate part of the money – which should be used to cover the debts – at a neglected expense for a long time. Like that vacation, you didn’t do for many years or that beautiful gift you promised your wife. Or maybe the 70 inch TV since the old is now on its way to sunset. Or for the car of the newly registered family. Soon, you’ll find yourself struggling with a monthly expense that is slightly different from what you had before. Only now the debt is more or less double.
  4. It will generally end up putting you and your family in trouble, as well as those who will sign the guarantee. (Yes, because usually the bank asks for the signature to guarantee a family member or worse, with a loan operation, the mortgage on your home or of the family member that has guaranteed).

The real risk is that of moving from a state of serious debt to an irreversible one with tragic consequences for all those involved.

So debt consolidation is never advisable?

So debt consolidation is never advisable?

No, never. There are circumstances that are carefully weighed and especially monitored carefully, perhaps by a specialist in debt management, and can have a positive result. However, extreme care must be taken. 

Finally, a reflection on the feasibility of debt consolidation.

Finally, a reflection on the feasibility of debt consolidation.

The reasons that induce a subject to resort to the solution of debt consolidation are often linked to a situation of suffering already advanced. The situation that usually has already generated delays in payments of loans or mortgages and consequently, reports in private databases. These conditions make it almost impossible to issue a debt consolidation, which, by its nature, is by far the most difficult loan to obtain.

The frustration caused by the frantic search for the financial company that promises to provide amazing loans even to 90-year- olds accompanied by their parents, can generate further discomfort. This discomfort can push you to the search for extreme solutions, such as entrusting subjects who practice the strangler or even worse. Even if you do not see a way out, it does not mean that it does not exist.

The City of Teruel figures its debt at 60.7 million euros and must tighten the belt

The City of Teruel figures its debt at 60.7 million euros and must “tighten the belt”

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The City of Teruel has a debt with banks and suppliers of 60.7 million euros, as has been announced by the mayor of the city, Manuel Blasco. The mayor has ensured that the disclosure of these figures do not seek to find guilty, but solutions for the future.

The City of Teruel has a debt with banks and suppliers of 60.7 million euros, as has been announced by the mayor of the city, Manuel Blasco. The mayor has ensured that the disclosure of these figures do not seek to find guilty, but solutions for the future.

Blasco has opined that it will be necessary to “tighten the belt”, being “very careful with the expenses and going to other Administrations”. He has specified that the long-term debt is 45.3 million euros, to which must be added 1.4 million euros of debt in treasury operations and 7.1 million euros of debt to suppliers.

Also, we must add the debt of the Urban plan (5.1 million euros), the Reviter (3,000 euros), the Planning Management (200,000 euros) and the Institution Fair (962,454 euros). The debt for each turolense is 1,715 euros.

Blasco explained that “we do not try to hold anyone accountable” since this situation has been “because of the crisis” or having assumed powers of other administrations and has been “aggravated by the political decisions made in the last 20 years “, which are related to the sale of public land or to the tax policy, among other issues, he said.

According to Blasco, “the City Council will be able to meet their payments, but by tightening their belts”. To do this, “we have to stop doing what has been done so far” and “we have to manage the municipal heritage well to make the most of it”.

In his opinion, “it will be necessary to be responsible and coherent when raising the revenue via taxes” and “we will have to make a cut of 20 percent of current spending”.

In short, “we have to be very careful with spending and go to other administrations” because in recent years “the state and regional administration have not collaborated with the city as they had been doing”.

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2011 Budget

The new government team emerged after the resignation of Miguel Ferrer because of his departure from the Aragonese Party and the assumption of the municipality by the Popular Party – the most voted list in the last elections – works on the budgets for next year which, Predictably, they will be presented in mid-January.

Among the priorities of the consistory for 2011 is to face the payment to suppliers. The intention of Blasco is that in May it is paid “three or four months”, reducing the current term by half.

The mayor has acknowledged that the templates of some of the municipal companies are “oversized” which will lead to adjust them, although “I do not think there will be layoffs, but we will have to adjust a lot to the people and if there is a specific position, we will finish with some interinities. “

Next year there will be few investments in the city and “the corporation that comes out of the polls in May,” he said in relation to the municipal elections of May 2011, will have it as complicated as we have now.

In this sense, he has argued that the Government of Aragon and that of Spain “will have to adjust, banks will be very restrictive when lending money to entities that are heavily indebted” and “we have a Financial Sanement Plan”, so, “the next five years are going to be few works,” said Blasco.

The deputy mayor and councilor of Economy of the City of Teruel, Emma Buj, said that “if the City of Teruel were a family would be evicted and if it were a company would be in bankruptcy,” but “fortunately the City is a institution and that will not happen. “

Buj has commented that although “we have painted a black picture”, he is “optimistic” and “I would like to think that this is a point and a point”. In this regard, has indicated that “we have reached this debt, we have bottomed and from today the City will begin to improve these data.”

For Buj, “crises are an opportunity, they will be times of hard adjustments, but when we get out of this the locals will have a more efficient City Council”.


Postfinance-hypo-entry gives bloodbath at cantonal banks

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A consulting company has prepared an analysis for Postfinance, what happens when the state bank is allowed to speak new mortgages and other loans. This is what the Federal Council wants; the banks, above all the cantonal, regional and Raiffeisen banks, are against it. They threaten to swim off the skins: the fat margins in the hypo business are likely to erode.

According to the consignor, the source text of the consultancy company was weakened beyond recognition – apparently for fear of disadvantages for the customer Postfinance. Here the article appears in the original version:


Over the last few years, the volume of the mortgage market in Switzerland has risen steadily, reaching a market volume of around CHF 1,000 billion. This growth was driven, in particular, by historically low mortgage rates, which are due, among other things, to real interest rates on sight deposits with the SNB.

Thus, it was and is much more attractive for banks to lend mortgages than to park money with the SNB. Above all, the Raiffeisen- (Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR, average annual growth rate in market share from 2011 to 2017: +2.67 percent, market share June 2018: 18.23 percent) and Cantonal banks (CAGR market share from 2011 to 2017: +0.78 percent, market share June 2018: 40.68 Percent) have significantly expanded and intensified their involvement in the mortgage market over the last few years.

This growth was at the expense of the big banks (CAGR market share 2011-2017: -2.26 percent, market share June 2018: 31.22 percent), which nevertheless, on an absolute basis, increased their own mortgage volume (2018 versus 2011: +16.11 billion Swiss francs or + 5.38 percent.

Image result for cantonal banks

However, a decisive change for interbank competition in the mortgage sector is likely to be the Federal Council’s decision of 5 September 2018 to allow Postfinance to grant mortgages. According to the 2017 Annual Report, Postfinance manages client funds averaging € 109.8 billion for 2.9 million clients.

Postfinance faces the dilemma of having to invest it profitably, without having previously had the opportunity to work in the credit and mortgage sector – an increasingly difficult task, especially with regard to the continuously eroding interest business. This also testifies to the fact that, according to CFO Kurt Fuchs, 35 billion can not be invested profitably today.

Immediately after the Federal Council decision was announced, Postfinance CEO Hansruedi Köng tried to dispel concerns by stating that Postfinance was only “aiming for a low percentage, single-digit market share (…) without triggering a ruinous price war”. Whether it will calm the other market participants?

It pays to take a closer look: The average duration of a mortgage in Switzerland is 7.71 years (source: own calculations based on NZZ articles), which means that with a market size of 1,000 billion, 130 billion are replaced each year and therefore by competitors can be competed.

Taking account of Postfinance’s market entry over two years, this would result in a market share of 9 per cent annual renewal volume in the first and 18 per cent in the second year – effectively representing “only” 3.5 per cent of the total Swiss mortgage market and thus Köng’s statement do not contradict.

If one considers that important criteria in the selection of the mortgage bank are a) the personal attachment to the bank and b) the interest rate of the mortgage, it is to be expected that Postfinance could gain a strong market position within a very short time.

Postfinance already has 2.9 million customers, and will probably offer extremely competitive mortgage rates, as even low, positive interest rates are likely to be preferable to the SNB’s negative interest rate. This strong position is likely to be at the expense of the Raiffeisen and Cantonal banks, since these are regionally anchored but are already among the more expensive providers. Therefore, it is likely that the pressure on margins in the mortgage market will continue to increase with the entry of Postfinance.

Lottery of receipts: Draws 1,000 euros to 1,000 lucky ones

Money prizes are unbearable, tax free, non-revenueable, and are not subject to any reservation in favor of the State or third party.

Λοταρία αποδείξεων : Κληρώνει 1.000 ευρώ σε 1.000 τυχερούς |

On Thursday, at 18:00, the 22nd Public Draw for the transactions of October 2018 will be held by the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE).

In the tax-lottery, 1,000 lucky winners from 1,000 euros. Money prizes are unbearable, tax free, non-revenueable, and are not subject to any reservation in favor of the State or third party.

A lottery will take place on the basis of transactions made by taxpayers in October, using plastic money or other electronic transactions. Each VAT number participates in the draw according to the number of vouchers it collects, based on the scale it has set and the amount of its monthly transactions.

The number of vouchers, which each taxpayer is entitled to per month, is staggered, based on the sum of the sums corresponding to the total of his monthly transactions.


  • For a total sum of transactions of up to 100 Euros, one ticket for every one Euro.
  • For the next 400 euro, ie a total of 101 euro to 500 euro, a ticket for every two euros.
  • For the next 500 euro, ie a total sum of 501 euros to 1,000 euros, one ticket for every three euros.
  • For the excess amount, ie a total sum of over EUR 1,001, one ticket for every four euros.

In order to see if they won, taxpayers can enter the AAD’s website. There, they will enter with their codes in the personalized information and the messages sent by the AAD to see if they have a message as to the winners.

It is reminded that the AAD draws adults 18 and over who have a VAT registration number and a tax return.

If the taxpayer earns 1,000 euros, they are credited to the bank account declared by Taxisnet. If taxpayers do not have a bank account, they have a 3-month margin after sending the message to declare someone in personalized taxisnet. If none of the 1000 lucky players appear, their prizes are transferred to as many as 1000 runners who are specially drawn for that reason.


Letter of motivation for an auditor


No keywords, but a logic

The letter of motivation remains an exercise of feeling, the reasoning that it will highlight will be capital. “More than a few keywords, we are much more interested in the logical chain and how to demonstrate motivation or comment on a course , confirms Jacques Pierres. If the CV remains the clinical summary of a career, the letter is a very instructive perspective. Auditing, if it is a profession of numbers, is also a writing profession where ease of writing and expression will be essential. Again, the cover letter can be a very good indicator of the candidate’s abilities in the field. Just as a document well turned will allow to know more about the rigor , the spirit of analysis and the faculties of synthesis.

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Emphasizing expertise

The letter of motivation takes a particular interest when one gains in age and that one will have to defend experiences even career accidents . “The most confirmed candidates will be able to explain why they claim to be very good in their specialty,” says Jacques Pierres. When we are looking for an experienced listener, we pay close attention to the strength of his skills and his personality . » Advanced expertise, ability to manage teams, ability to lead important projects , all of which must be highlighted in the cover letter. According to Valérie Laplante “auditors in real estate or banking and insurance are thus rare pearls that have every interest to show. “


The enhancement of an atypical profile

While auditing remains a profession open to graduates of business schools or university masters, some more atypical profiles can also embark on this type of career. And Jacques Pierres to remember … “We recently recruited a young candidate who had accumulated studies in dental surgery and philosophy before going to ENS Ulm! Reading his letter of motivation was a great help to us to understand his desire to apply to us … “.



Information to ban from his cover letter


The age

Even though it is obviously forbidden, age discrimination exists . You only have to see the low employment rate of seniors! So you do not need to give the recruiter a leg from the cover letter.

Personal details

“I sometimes get letters saying” I’m applying because I just got divorced and I really need to work … “. That you are married, divorced, pacsé, bachelor, have X children … it does not matter! This information has nothing to do in a cover letter, or in the CV for that matter, “insists Judith Tripard, senior consultant at Clémentine.

The time of his job search

“To say that you have been looking for work for 10 months puts the candidate in a desperate case. Similarly, we do not specify that we are at the end right to Pôle emploi, “she adds. Although mentalities have changed slightly, recruiters still prefer job candidates than job seekers.

A resume of the CV

The letter must be catchy so synthetic. No question of detailing your career in full. The CV is made for that.


“To specify” I am currently at such remuneration and I claim to so many thousands of euros per year is prohibitive, “warns Judith Tripard. Indeed, there is no question of talking salary even before meeting the recruiter . You must first convince him to receive you in interview and then convince him that you are THE candidate.

The state of your relationship with your employer (or former employer)

The phrases like “I leave because I do not get along with my direct manager”, “I am looking for an active job because I am no longer in line with the strategy of my company” are to be banned. Trying to catch the attention of a recruiter by insisting that you can not stand anything or anyone is anything but wise.

Letter of motivation for a commercial


Cyril Capel, co-founder and director of CCLD, insists on finding the right balance. “We must demonstrate autonomy and initiative , including demonstrating that we have understood the issues of the company and how we can contribute to its development by bringing a new dimension. But without falling into excess by confusing confidence and arrogance. “



Some qualities required to be commercial (the ability to synthesize and get straight to the point, for example) are similar to those that allow to write an effective cover letter, hence the relevance of it for the employer. It is therefore better to avoid convoluted wording and lack of structure in the content , since mastery of sales techniques must lead to being able to articulate an argumentation.



For Pascal Larue, ” the letter of motivation gives an indication of the candidate’s level of motivation, his attention to detail and his ability to be both convincing and concise . According to Cyril Capel, “a spontaneous application that takes advantage of a company’s topicality can, however, do a good job. For example, a young salesperson sent a spontaneous cover letter to a major bank after the latter reported on its support for gender parity. The company was seduced by this candidacy, which was well informed, proactive and in harmony with its values. If a company announces its intention to enter a particular market, this is an opportunity for a salesperson to explain how he can help it .


Highlight specific assets

The image of the aggressive and unscrupulous commercial is a thing of the past. ” Our ideal commercial robot portrait is articulated around the word respect : Relational Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Situational Intelligence, Pedagogy and Sharing, Enthusiasm, Customer Orientation, Information Processing,” says Cyril Capel. Young candidates can also highlight their native digital side, which is very popular with sales people. For Pascal Larue, the essential qualities of a salesperson are “the understanding of the need (that of the recruiter in this case), the ability to argue, the sense of purpose and challenge . These qualities must therefore be mentioned in the letter and demonstrated through specific examples from the school and / or professional background.




Letter of resignation on permanent contract: example and advice


Resignation: when does the notice period begin

The notice period starts on the day your request is received by the company director (or HRD). Either in person (ask your interlocutor a written receipt to avoid any subsequent dispute), or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is the date of receipt by your interlocutor that counts.

Example of a letter of resignation from an employee on a permanent contract

Firstname name

Place date

Subject: Resignation from a permanent position


I hereby inform you of my intention to leave the position of XXX that I occupy in the company ZZZ since 00/00/00.

A. As agreed in my contract of employment ( or imposed by law or collective agreement ), I will respect a notice of X months. The effective end of my contract is therefore expected for 00/00/00.


B. Although my period of notice normally due will cause me to leave the company on 00/00/0000, I would like the effective date of my resignation to be moved to a date to be discussed in advance.

I will be obliged to provide for this date the delivery of a certificate of work, a certificate Pôle emploi, and a receipt for balance of any account.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings.



When and to whom to send the letter of resignation?

After submission of the letter, executives are generally required to provide three months’ notice , but the collective agreement or employment contract may provide for different provisions. It is up to you to find out how long before the desired date of departure you must send your letter to the employer.

The letter is to be sent directly to your employer, usually the director of the company. If this is a group with a human resources department, then a copy must be sent to the HR manager.

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The information that must appear in the letter

To do things in due form, it is recommended to specify in the letter of resignation:

– Your name ;

– The date of sending the letter;

– The name of the company;

– The title of the position you are leaving;

– The date of entry into the company;

– the duration of the notice;

– The actual departure date.

After receiving the letter


Image result for resignation letter

The employer can not refuse your resignation unless it can prove that your decision was made with the conscious intent to harm the business. All that remains for him is to give you, on your last day, your work certificate , your Pôle emploi certificate , and your receipt for the balance of any account .

Letter of motivation for a department manager


Image result for letter of motivation

Recruitment vs. corporate firm

“Honestly, if you apply through a recruitment agency, it is not really useful to send a letter of motivation, especially if it is to make a boat as one can find on the Internet, confirms Rym Boudjema, leader recruitment project at Want-ID. On the other hand, from a company, the cover letter becomes important . It shows interest, because companies want to integrate people who really want to join them . You will have to talk about the employer, its values, and the job to prove that you really understand what your duties and your place will be.


A plus for atypical profiles

Distribution is a fairly framed environment where career changes are most often logical . If you do not fit in these boxes, do not panic: you will not be stymied, but the cover letter takes on its importance. “It can help explain a course . You did communication studies and now you are applying as a department manager? Use the cover letter to explain this choice and how your profile is interesting, “advises Rym Boudjema. In addition, Hugues Fromont believes that the younger you are, the more interesting it is. By definition, the youngest ones do not have much to say in terms of experience, their letter of motivation must arrive as a help to the CV and make the employer want to go further. “


A clear and organized speech

It is also an opportunity to highlight qualities related to the position you are aiming for, not only by describing them, but by demonstrating them, as explained by Rym Boudjema: “on certain cover letters, we feel very good level, a clear and thoughtful speech, well organized, which is a plus for a candidacy of this type . If an absence of a cover letter is not eliminatory, a document full of mistakes can be detrimental to you, so be careful. In summary: in the distribution, better a good letter than no letter, but better not a letter than a bad letter!




Letter of motivation: the rules to know to save time

Image result for letter of motivation

1. Go beyond the resume

The purpose of the cover letter is to allow the employer to go beyond the CV. It should not describe your background, but can possibly explain it . Thus, you can say why you chose such specialization at the time of your training, tell your decision to leave a box to meet new challenges, or your recent job change.

Regarding your job, the cover letter should not be used to explain what you do but why you do it well or what motivated your orientation. This is an opportunity to highlight, through examples, skills that are not listed in your resume , such as rigor, the ability to work in a team or creativity.

Finally, a cover letter should not only show that you have the skills required for the job – in some positions qualified applications are legion – but why it can work specifically between you as a person and one who will engage you . The idea is that after arriving at the end point, the recruiter can not help but see you in the chair.


2. Bet on the unmistakable plan: You Me Me

And to achieve this goal, there is a magic formula: you me me. This is the code name of the classic structure of the cover letter . It is indeed very effective to organize your argument in three balanced parts, including one concerning the company and the position you are aiming for, another part on your background and your motivations, and one last serving to project you in your new position. .

> You

The first part, the “you”, aims to show that you know who you are talking to . The idea in this section is not to recall the history or the complete figures of the company, but to mention one or two specific elements that have caught your attention because they correspond to what you know or are looking for. To inspire you, you can tap into the ad you are responding to or in the latest news from the box.

> Moi

Then the second part will be used to explain how you are concerned. Once again, it’s not a question of detailing your resume but of coming up with one or two details and developing them . The recruiter has to learn something new . Think about a project that you have completed, talk about your specific missions on a job, or talk about what drives you personally in your job.

If you do not have a linear career , for example with long breaks, or if you are currently in reconversion, this second paragraph of the cover letter is the time to say more about your career. global professional project. Be careful, do not give the impression of justifying yourself not to enter the boxes. On the contrary, underline the details that make you a unique candidate by showing how your entire career path will lead you step by step to the position for which you are applying.

> We

Finally, the third part is that which makes it possible to transform the letter of motivation in almost letter of love and to suggest that “you + me = us”. This is the moment to project yourself and show what you can bring to the company and what it can bring you. How do you evolve if you are recruited? Do you have any ideas for the box? In what way will you be fulfilled? If you really think about the job, the recruiter can do it too. For that, you can draw parallels between your past successes and the projects you already have in mind for your future job .

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Image result for letter of motivation

3. Treat your presentation

Like a correct and appropriate outfit the day of the interview, your cover letter must meet the rules of presentation . Each of these parts must be short: one paragraph maximum. Everything must fit on a page, in a classic font (Times New Roman, Verdana, Century Gothic, size 10 to 12). And do not try to get too much text on the page at all costs, playing with spaces or margins. The cover letter must be able to move quickly and be airy .

Finally, of course, the cover letter must no longer be handwritten or sent by mail. Choose a PDF format that you will attach to an email or online application. If it is not necessary to indicate the complete address of the addressee and the sender, indicate at the top of the page your name and that of the person to whom you are addressing , taking care to inform you about the right recipient (the email present on the ad is a good indicator).

If you reply to a job offer by email, it will be in the body of the message that it will be necessary to give the reference . Indeed, in the body of the mail, it is advisable to introduce your letter and your CV in 3 sentences, more formally and less personalized than for the cover letter.

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4. Sharpen your finest feather

Now that you have the ideas to structure, just add a little style . If your job is related to writing or you are going to be in contact with clients in writing, you will need to redouble your efforts, because the recruiter is waiting for you to turn on this point. For all the others, here are our little writing tips that will inevitably fly.

First, heal your hook. The first sentence of your cover letter, or even the first three sentences, are the most important ones to hold the recruiter’s attention. So banish the classic introduction beginning with an adverb (currently …) or a present participle (being …) and that only serves to describe the fact that you are looking for a job and you are applying to enter this company. On the contrary, on the hook, you can be creative, tell a story, in a personal style. Then, all along the letter, maintain a direct style by making short sentences . A sentence with a subject, a verb and a complement often says much more and more effectively than a long tirade filled with subordinates.

Likewise, avoid obsequious politeness formulas . A cover letter is personal, it must bring out your own style and give the impression to the recruiter that he already knows a little about the candidate. In real life, do you really ask your interlocutors to accept your respectful greetings, or benevolent? Certainly not. So, we forget.

Finally, read at least four times your cover letter and get reread , if possible by two different people, one of which will focus only on the words, to check that have not crept into the text or spelling errors nor syntax errors.

Image result for letter of motivation

Avoid beginner’s mistakes

– The resume of the resume: once your draft letter of motivation finished, do not hesitate to compare all the elements one by one with those of your resume, to verify that the letter says more.

– Spelling mistakes: we can never say it enough, a single fault can be eliminatory.

– To be mistaken

– Keep in mind the old idea of ​​a letter and write it in a handwritten way