Nowadays to be an effective blogger there are tools that one needs to differentiate oneself from the crowd. Here we present five completely free online tools that will not only make your life easier as a blogger but will make your content stand out, relevant when it comes to keeping up with trends. These tools are free for all Internet users, even for Ugandans are essential for a writer or content creator.

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Grammarly is a plug-in that is available to download both iOS and Android on your phone and also on your computer. The grammar automatically detects possible errors in grammar, spelling, choice of words and style. This application will edit everything you write, from email to your documents and even your social media account. It will show you your simple grammatical errors like badly used commas and complex ones like badly used modifiers. Grammar will improve your writing because it will not only show your mistakes but also explain why they are. This will help you not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Having Grammar is having a second pair of eyes to correct your work before sending it.

Idea generator

This application is for those slow days in which you can not find what to write. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those days when we do not know what we want to write about. To use this free tool all you need is to write a single word and this application will give you a number of possible titles to your article. This means that this will help you refresh your memory as creative juices start to flow. This generator of ideas will help you regardless of your niche or industry. This will help you generate many ideas and you can concentrate on developing the best ones.



Infogram is an application that will help you to make infographics. Infographics are information diagrams that range from graphics to animations, to word clouds and more. This application has some free features that will differentiate your blog from the rest. Interactive infograms will help you transmit complicated information in the simplest possible way. This will not only get rid of the long paragraphs that few people read, but will attract more readers to your site. This application is easy to use and there is live help when there is a problem. Infogram is an amazing application that is definitely essential in my book.


Hot searches

Hot searches of google trends is a free tool from Google. This tool simply shows you what’s in fashion. It shows you what people are searching on Google at this time. The world of blogs, we know that keywords are what Google uses to find our articles this tool helps you to have another access to what people are interested in what information they are trying to find. This tool will help your website stay relevant and attract visitors to the website that every blogger or content writer is looking for. This tool helps you give your audience what they want to read. When you use hot searches right from Google can be a secret success weapon like no other.


Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a free application that does not have any ads that are elegantly designed. It will instantly become one of your favorite applications to use when you are searching for a group of related words. This tool will help you produce repetitiveness in your writing and also expand your vocabulary as a writer. It is a very useful tool to have on hand when writing.