5 surefire tips for your cover letter to be read

Take care of the style of your letter


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To be clear, you have to use the direct style. Write short, clear sentences. Repeat 10 times before writing: “At the present participle, I say N (A) N! This precept will preserve convoluted sentences in favor of a fluid style so much more legible for the recruiter. Your letter will emit a seductive energy.

 “Responding in every respect to the desired qualities, I would be delighted to integrate your company”

 “Having completed a nine-month internship in the trading room, I would like to enrich my knowledge within your company …”

 After 6 years as a logistics manager at sites abroad, I want to get closer to my home region, which is your company.

 “At X, I gained experience as a strategic intelligence officer for nine months. The job you are proposing seems similar to me and I think it fits the profile you are looking for. “

Motivational mail: what vocabulary?

The cloth written in a few minutes during the lunch break can be seen right away. Yes, write a good letter, it takes time! Because depending on the position, there are certain words to use, a semantic field to include in your argument. Thus, you will speak the same language as the recruiter. So start by thinking about the recurring vocabulary of your craft and distil these words in your letter.

 For a web product manager job, this can give:
emailing strategy, direct marketing actions, project coordination, loyalty campaign, behavioral analysis of Internet users, writing design, quizzes, promotion actions.

The letter is not a CV

Not knowing what to say in their cover letter, too many candidates repeat the steps in their resume. Not smart ! The cover letter should be seen as the extra stuff that will allow the recruiter to decide between two applications. A good resume is good. But a good resume with a smart letter that accompanies it is better. It is in the letter that you can show that you are also someone who has a vision of his job. So say it! Talk about technical skills, versatility, ability to coach, sense of organization, method, efficiency.

 Ability to supervise, sense of organization, method:
“When I joined ABC in 20XX, I wanted to reorganize the working methods of my department in consultation with my close collaborators. The number of meetings has been reduced by 15% and the business lunches have been increased from 4 to 6 per month. Working time has been streamlined and the number of projects implemented has increased significantly. “

Franco! Anticipate the interview

What is the purpose of a letter of motivation? To get an interview, pardi! So do not hesitate to question the recruiter. You are interested in the job, but after reading the ad, you have questions.

 “What means will be implemented by the company to achieve the objectives of the position? “Or” Looking for a profile rather senior and experienced seems to me a factor of stability in a team. What do you think ? ”

Finally, add: “I would be delighted to be able to discuss these issues with you. Can we meet? “