Conventional break request letter



Example of conventional break request letter

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Place date

Subject: Conventional termination of employment contract

Mr. Director,

As the XXX position in your company since 00/00/00, I now want to devote myself to other professional projects.

For that, I would like to end my CDI as of 00/00/00.

I hereby suggest that you resort to a contractual termination of the employment contract, in accordance with Article L. 1237-11 of the Labor Code.

I remain at your disposal if you wish to organize an interview to discuss the modalities of this conventional break, in which case I will be assisted by the representative of the staff of the company, Mr. ZZZ.

Please accept, Sir, my sincere greetings.


When and to whom to send the break request letter?

It all depends on when you want your departure from the company to be effective, but the sooner the better! Indeed, unless the employer accepts a reduction suggested by you, the conventional break does not exempt you from giving notice , usually three months for executives (unless the collective agreement or employment contract provides for other provisions). The conventional break request letter is to be sent directly to the director of the company.

Information to be included in the letter

The details of the conventional break will be discussed between the employee and the employer, however, it is recommended to specify some in the letter:

– Your name ;

– The date of sending the request for a conventional break;

– The name of the company;

– The title of the position you occupy;

– The identity of the person who will assist you;

– The article of the Labor Code corresponding to the procedure of conventional rupture (L. 1237-11);

– The desired departure date of the company.

After receiving the letter

After this first contact, the employer summons his employee to an interview. This meeting aims to determine the terms of the termination of the employment contract (possible reduction of notice for example). During this interview, the employee is accompanied, usually by a staff representative who is advised to contact even before sending the letter. Once the details are settled, simply remain to sign the breakup agreement.