Project Leader Assistant: 5 Key Tips for Your Resume

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1. Build your resume according to your goal

“At 27, after several experiments, you want to go from” Product Manager Assistant “to” Product Manager “. If this step is legitimate on paper, you still need to tell a little more about the CV.

Indeed, in the absence of a career summary and a presentation of the professional project, your CV first of all gives the impression of being made up of a succession of short missions. But you do not emphasize enough your alternating experience – and that a recruiter can not guess – that only appears at the very end of the page.

You must value the cohesion of your career, your progress and above all your qualities in relation to the position. Because they are not yet visible enough. “

2. Add value to your NGO experience

“As it stands, your resume does not sufficiently highlight your potential or your strengths in relation to the position, and does not show that you are ready to go beyond the role of the assistant.

Your NGO experience is interesting in this respect because it is underutilized. Your resume differentiates too much your direct job responsibilities from your management responsibilities during this period. But by doing so, your resume does not demonstrate your added value as a manager. You could further support your results as a manager. It’s a shame because your CV is missing an opportunity to score points against other candidates of your age. “

3. Why some changes

“The same goes for your personal results, by the way. For example, going from a major telephone company to a company where you continued to manage this account is a great personal achievement. Unfortunately, in the extremely succinct way in which it is presented, it is a mixed impression that we remember. Finally, it is unclear to which projects and offers you have participated outside the operational watch of the telecom market. Nor, incidentally, the reasons for the end of this mission that do not seem very clear …

Overall, just like this experience, your CV presents the missions you have been entrusted with more than the results you have achieved. It is not very sales: your future employer already knows your job and will be especially interested in the major contributions you have made to your employers and in the concrete results you have achieved. Your current CV makes you a (good) performer, which is not enough to be competitive in the job market. Because this approach confines you to your current functions … “

4. Emphasize “differentiating” skills

“Your CV also details some skills that are too” obvious “and not very differentiating from your competitors. For example, “communicating with the sales force to promote the product” is not sufficiently specific in relation to “competing” CVs. Your resume would benefit from “going back” to further specify how you organized this communication: strategy, channels, levers for example … “

5. On the shape, forget the colors

“Finally, your resume is not serious enough because of a bias on the form. Although visible, colored backgrounds are already counterproductive because they are rarely readable. But beyond that, they do not bring much to your resume and remove above all a necessary sobriety. Now, it is known: a sober form marks much more the spirits .. »

5 actions to   implement imm e diately

– Add a career summary to explain why you qualify for Project Leader status.

– Enhance your NGO experience by highlighting your results as a manager.

– Explain better your career changes.

– Make your skills a little more specific to stand out from your “competitors”.

– Forget the colorful backgrounds that scramble the message.