How do I write a letter of motivation for my master’s degree

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The outline of the motivation letter

The letter of motivation is divided into the entry, the main part, and the conclusion. The main part, of course, is the most important part, in which the convincing arguments of the motivation letter should follow a clear pattern. As a rule, the letter of motivation has no definite structure but should be designed individually. The applicant can also convince by an interesting and eye-catching structure. The following points are for guidance.

Entry of the motivation letter

If the application is not addressed to a person known by name, the letter of motivation should be introduced with “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, …”. A possible entry is to name the strongest arguments to arouse the interest in the application from the beginning. Another option is to make the letter of motivation chronological and to enter the point at which the interest in the field of study was first awakened. It is important to remain credible and precise: “Since my earliest childhood, my dream is to study business administration.” Is a little convincing start. The introduction should not include more than one paragraph.

The main part of the motivation letter

The structure in the motivation letter should remain clear, so it is advisable to continue the chosen entry. If the motivation letter is to be arranged chronologically, it makes sense to start at school. It can be reported by a commitment in the student representation and outstanding academic achievements. Out-of-school activities could also be convincing if they are relevant to the intended study. Furthermore, practical experience, whether a part-time job, internships or training, can be reported. The relation to the intended study should be clear. The Bachelor’s degree should be presented in more detail. Here it is possible to explain why which priorities have been chosen and why there are any shortcomings. However, the main point of the letter of motivation is that it becomes clear why the applicant is the right choice for the intended study. Therefore, it should be explained why exactly these experiences qualify someone for the place of study. Important: set your letter of motivation to the desired study place! If you apply for a bachelor’s degree you should report on your academic achievements. For a master’s program, these are rather uninteresting. In this case, start with a voluntary year after school or directly with the choice of your bachelor’s degree program. Furthermore, the applicant can score points by dealing with the university and the degree program. Not the obvious should be mentioned, but detailed, which personal interests and motivates. These can be special cooperations with business enterprises, good international partner universities or special focuses of the study program. The main part can be completed with an outlook: How can the university benefit from the candidate, how does he/she excel and how can the university benefit? What are the career goals of the study? If another entry has been chosen, the structure of the main part should follow this. Instead of a chronological process, the arguments can be enumerated according to expressiveness. First, the most convincing arguments should be mentioned here. This variant is recommended if the focus of the motivation letter is to be the individuality.

The final part of the motivation letter

The final section should consist only of one or two sentences that politely express the expectation of accepting the application. In addition, the applicant has the chance to stay in good memory.