What do recruiters want from a cover letter?

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Whether you are talking about yourself in the job

In a few sentences, you must demonstrate to the recruiter your added value for the job. To do this, use past successes to explain why and how you will have a strong added value in the function. “If the candidate shows that he has already made a reflection on the position and issues of the company by making such suggestions for action plans, it is a considerable asset,” recommends Renaud Charvet, founder of the telecom operator RingOver Group. Also use your extra professional successes to illuminate a useful personality for the job. “For example,” the practice of tennis in competition taught me the accuracy of the shot and the rigor in the preparation, a quality I think is essential for the position … “, illustrates Karine Doukhan, director at Robert Half Management Resources. “Exit the exhaustive catalog of skills. On the contrary, the candidate must select the most appropriate candidates for the position and argue, “advises Aurélie Le Bozec, consultant at Fed Supply.

That you explain an atypical course

“The letter of motivation must express a coherence that one does not necessarily manage to read in a CV. For example, you can justify an atypical career if necessary, “advises Benjamin Dresner of Finamatic. Whether it is periods of unemployment, professional transition, frequent changes of boxes, etc.

Whether you mention your overall career plan

“I have very little requirement on the form but basically, I’m waiting for the candidate to tell us about his project. I have to understand the consistency between what he did before, what he wants to do at home and what he will do next. Showing your life project, your dream, etc., is a highly appreciated element. For example, a candidate who explains that he wants to join us to discover entrepreneurship from the inside, to one day, to start his own project, I have no problem. On the contrary, “illustrates Antoine de Corson, founder of Groupcorner, a start-up specializing in group booking.


That you speak correctly

We are in a professional context, so the tone of the letter must obviously be. But professional does not impose use an obsolete tone. “I’d rather read a spoken but professional and personalized style than a mail with bombastic and insipid terms,” ​​adds Adeline Christophe. Julien Hostache, managing director and co-founder of Eenerfip, goes even further: “I do not look at CVs but just the cover letter. I appreciate that candidates fall off the mask and speak out loud. I much prefer a candidate who writes “This post is great. It would be ideal to work under these conditions “only a letter with clichés”. The right choice of vocabulary and the spirit of synthesis are also essential. “I’m more interested in reading simple and concise sentences rather than a series of related proposals that confuse the speech,” insists Karine Doukhan.

That you ban misspellings

EH yes, we repeat ourselves but all the recruiters told us, misspellings in a cover letter, it is the trash almost assured for the application. Except for the posts in super voltage like the developers it seems.

The worst hooks of cover letter

The captain Captain Obvious

“I take the liberty of sending you my letter of application. “

“I am currently looking for a job. “

The reaction of the recruiters: “Oh? “May think ironically whoever reads you. To begin this way is to almost say, “I am writing you a letter.” Of course, the recruiter understood that.

What to do: It is better to delete this mention and move on. Or say a lot more. For example, say that we are on active standby to find the job that fits perfectly with this or that criterion.


The CV hook

“I already have a very long experience, job, missions and various positions. “

«Holder of a master 2 in management management specialist in human resources, …»

The reaction of the recruiters: “If the first sentence is a repetition of the CV, it is a waste of time, clearly,” slice Philippe Combes. A cover letter must be short: about 15 lines.

What to do: If you feel the need to clarify certain points of your career, for example, if you are in reconversion, it is better to do it subtly in the second paragraph, rather than scare the recruiter as soon as possible. grip.


The “Fan of” hitch

“Your company wants to grow by controlling its financial and accounting flows. “

“You are a family business that promotes personal development. “

The reaction of the recruiters: “Talking about the company is good. Giving details of one’s financial health or values ​​is risky, “explains Guillaume Blanchin. First, because it’s often boat. Then, because we take the risk of not being up to date in the information, and therefore to be completely off topic.

What to do: Avoid generalities and be sure of your shot. If the company really has a different project than its competitors or original values, you can mention it. But make sure the truth of the facts by contacting one of his employees, for example.

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The political hook

“Sunday work is a debate. For my part, I’m not afraid to come to the office on weekends and holidays because productivity does not wait. “

The reaction of recruiters: “The presentations on the 35 hours or the Minister of Economy, we see, even if it is very marginal, says Guillaume Blanchin. It is extremely dangerous. “

What to do: Keep your political opinions to yourself. These topics are too divisive to be mentioned in a letter or job interview.


The philosophical catchphrase

“Undertaking is daring to take risks and continually expand your comfort zone to achieve your goals. “

“Believing in something and not living it is dishonest,” said Gandhi. “

The reaction of the recruiters: “It feels the phrase pumped somewhere,” notes Philippe Combes, dubious. Coaches, outplacement consultants, and trainers often give examples of out-of-the-box phrases, such as “Expand your comfort zone,” and candidates often pick them up as they are. As a result, they are overused and impersonal. Ditto for the literary quote. Even in quotation marks, do not use it if you found it in a specialized dictionary. She does not say anything about you.

What to do: The quote is not totally forbidden, as long as it really speaks to you and you say why. And for the leitmotive, Philippe Combes believes that “we can be inspired by it but by writing it with its own words. When we have the person in interview, we want to find the personality of the letter, “he adds.


The hook (too) intimate

“My wife is a pharmacist in the Paris region and my mother lives in rue d’Alésia. “

“After divorcing after an infidelity, I need to bounce back from scratch. “

The reaction of the recruiters: “And if not, the post, it interests him? That’s right, our search criteria for a job are often very much related to our personal lives. But the recruiter does not need to know as much. Your love life, a serious illness, or the complete story of your family, from the first sentence of a letter, is embarrassing and it will not help you get an interview.

What to do: In some cases, your personal life deserves to be mentioned. If you are applying for a position at the other end of France, you can say that your personal life leads you to want to move, but by avoiding to say too much and by bringing it like a second criterion of motivation, after the job content.


The hangman misspelling

“In response to your television ad …”

“Your business matches …”

The reaction of the recruiters: Oops. Eliminated. The mistakes of style and misspellings are crippling. No need to say more, though?

What to do: Re-read, reread. Re-read.


The grip of despair

“You may be about to read the tenth job of the day … And without knowing it you are also the most important person in my career. Indeed, you will decide to put this letter to the cart or to continue until the end, which will bring you to grant me an interview. “

“Let me send you this letter, it has been eight years since I contacted institutions like yours, to propose my collaboration. “

“I do not have any significant financial ambition. “

The reaction of the recruiters: “To say that one is ready to accept everything is counterproductive,” laments Philippe Combes. A job search is difficult for everyone, you will not stand out by writing it in black and white. Even if the recruiter has mercy on you, he will not hire you for it.

What’s Better: Plan for the job you want, rather than thinking about where you are now. Talk to your friends about your difficulties to keep only the positive for the recruiter. Courage.


The hitch too-much

“I have the honor to come here to solicit your high kindness, to grant me a job in your honorable establishment that you see fit to my skills. “

The reaction of recruiters: “It hangs because we talk about it years after”, fun Philippe Combes, who found this letter of 2006. But that’s not enough to get an interview.

What to do: Do not try to mark the spirits by the form, but by the bottom.


Other details that kill when the email opens

> An e-mail address or skype that we had created in high school, type loulouchou75

Tip: create a real address and forward your emails.

> A mailing address at the other end of the country

Tip: do not put a mailing address at all.

> The mail written in Comic Sans MS

Tip: forget this font, forever.

> The smileys that jump to the eyes

Tip: keep the fun for people we know.


9 examples of emails and cover letters that convinced

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Spontaneous application sent to a recruitment agency

Graduate of MSc. Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Grenoble School of Management, I am currently looking for a job related to the areas of innovation, strategy, business planning or projects, or even in marketing.

I have experience in marketing, sales, finance and strategy. I had the opportunity to work in various companies in the United States, Germany and France.

I speak Spanish as my mother tongue. I speak 2 other languages ​​at the professional level: English and French. And two languages ​​at the basic level: Portuguese and German.

The good points, according to Alice Maillard, consultant Fed Business

– Synthetic mail very useful to the recruiter who has only a few seconds to devote to him before studying the CV.

– The message clearly explains the type of position sought.

– Emphasis on skills, especially languages, which are assets that are always highly valued.

– A few words were enough for the candidate to express what he has done in the past and what he wants to do in the future. These are key points sought by a recruiter.



Application for a work-study contract


Currently looking for a job alternately, I propose you my application for a professionalization contract in Master Human Resources Management so you can integrate your business for the next 2 years for a period of 2 years.

Holder of a Certificate of Technician Assistant Manager Superior, I turned to an alternation BACHELOR Human Resources Option International Mobility in Paris (75011) where I am currently studying.

During my previous missions, I had the opportunity to do several internships, which makes me able to carry out the missions that you could propose to me. At the moment I am working in the company … (where I am in alternation). I perform, in addition to the daily assistantship tasks all the recruitment procedure.

Conscious that the success of a professional project does not only depend on theoretical capacities, I strove to develop communication and organizational skills, in line with a real sense of relationship because I know how to listen and make proof of discretion. That’s why I could get involved in your team effectively.

I am looking for a company that allows me to fully express my potential through rewarding and varied missions in the field of human resources. I am especially looking for a mission that fits into a business project to have real responsibilities and that my potential can be used in a professional setting. From this point of view, your company is completely in line with my expectations as you, who seek to improve the working conditions of your employees …

I am motivated and determined in all that I undertake, moreover, I think I can bring you complete satisfaction and dynamism in the different missions that you could be led to confide in me.

To do this, please find attached my resume for more details on my background. I am also at your disposal for any interview and any request for additional information.

Thanking you for your interest in my candidacy, I beg you to believe, Madam, Sir, in expressing my best regards.


The good points, according to Maryline Albouy, head of corporate recruiting at CGI :


– A letter provided that corresponds well to the expectations of a recruiter for a position of trainee or alternating: junior profiles must compensate for a CV often “low” by a detailed letter that reassures the recruiter .


– Concrete and useful elements to the recruiter are presented from the beginning: the type of contract targeted, the training course followed, the duration and the desired date.


– A motivational part well built in the fourth paragraph: the candidate gives pledges of seriousness by a precise argument and a vocabulary provided.

>> Your CV is finalized? Do not forget to deposit it in our CV library used by more than 15,000 recruiters


Application for a position of developer


Engineer of studies and development, my experience during my career allowed me to acquire the necessary experience in project management or project management and to carry out development projects.

I want to join a dynamic team, I specialize in information systems and Android development.

Your developer position would give me the opportunity to bring you my development expertise. Convinced that you will be sensitive and attentive to my career, I would be very happy to meet you soon to consider future cooperation.

In this perspective, please accept, Madam best wishes.


The good points, according to Maryline Albouy, head of corporate recruiting at CGI :

– The candidate has preferred the mail synthetic to the letter of motivation too developed. In this case it is an appropriate choice: we are dealing with a more senior profile where the CV matters more .

– A specific detail that is right: its area of ​​expertise (information systems and Android development).

– The third paragraph shows consistency between his profile and the position .

– We are in an introductory email more than motivation: a popular format that makes the recruiter want to study the CV that accompanies it.


Application for a management controller position


Graduated from ESG and having acquired a first experience in management control (CDD and alternation), I propose you my application for the post of controller.

By my curriculum and my career, I acquired an analytical mind and value my sense of organization. They also allowed me to familiarize myself with the SAP Business Objects software, and to improve my Excel skills (VBA, TCD, macros, formulas).

Wanting to join a dynamic and stimulating team within a company like yours, I will be happy to collaborate on proposed missions.

In the hope of having the pleasure of meeting you in order to be able to explain to you more in detail my motivations, I beg you to accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my sincere greetings.

The good points, according to Maryline Albouy, head of corporate recruiting at CGI :

– The more traditional professions in banking, finance, administration and accounting require a letter of motivation of a more traditional format , as written by this candidate, with in particular this formula of politeness of end which is always appreciated.

– The argument is both “light” and precise , with “I” (the first two paragraphs) followed by “we” (the third paragraph).

– The keywords are present and easily identifiable (diploma, mastered software, the targeted position).

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Application for an International Director to a Recruitment Firm


My career has given me the opportunity to drive the development of activities in the Consumer Market sector in international companies all renowned for their excellence, major players in the sectors “Food”, “Personal Care”, “Cosmetic Selective”.

After having held Marketing and Sales responsibilities in Italy, I then held senior management positions. I was successively General Manager Italy, Zone Manager, then International Director.

For more than 10 years, I have been working in a global context, which makes me today an international leader able to intervene in very different cultural contexts and to face multiple complexities.

My experience has been:

• In companies with Anglo-Saxon culture (North American and English) but also French,

• Faced with large retailers but also with specialized distribution,

• In B to C contexts but also B to B contexts (distributor brands).

Beyond my technical skills, I believe to have based my success on:

• A solid strategic vision combined with constant attention to operational details,

• Focus on results,

• A high degree of adaptability and responsiveness.

Today, if my career gives me a natural legitimacy in large international groups, I am also very interested in more entrepreneurial challenges in smaller companies, especially in Private Equity contexts.

Beyond the sectors where I have worked so far, I am interested in the Luxury, Health, Tourism and Media sectors.

I would be happy to meet you at your convenience to discuss.

Please accept, Sir, my best regards. “

The good points of this email, according to Pascal Doffémont, consultant at the Hudson cabinet:

– The detail of the course and the context is given quickly, in as many arguments for the post concerned.

– The use of “dashes” which lends itself well to this profile

– The fact that his choices for the future are clearly stated, which reflects a good personal strategy.


Spontaneous motivation email from a marketing manager

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Marketing Manager, currently looking for a new challenge, please find attached my resume.

In recent years, I have acquired skills in marketing project management, management of sales teams and managers, B to B and B to C client relations and training techniques.

I am looking for a job that is ideally versatile, rewarding and empowering. Today I want to join an ambitious company and bring with it a motivating project.

Do not hesitate to contact me.


The good points of this email according Corinne Cabanes, head of the firm Corinne Cabanes et Associés

– Synthesis and ease of reading.

– A general email, which is not negative from the moment the candidate addresses a firm and not a company.


An email in response to a job offer for a commercial position


You are expanding and want to expand your team? Are you looking for a dynamic, independent, thoughtful, creative, curious and versatile person, with a very good editorial and interpersonal skills as well as a sense of service and organization?

Look no further, I’m the one for you!

Over the years, I have had many experiences in marketing complex services in the long cycle, telephone prospecting and I have previously worked in fast-growing Internet media (as an editorial product manager, journalist or editorial webmaster).

Thus, I was able to develop a great versatility, a pronounced sense of listening as well as of argumentation, a certain speed of decision and action and a great adaptability, knowing as well to work autonomously as team.

Very interested in your offer, I would like to meet you in order to expose you in more detail my motivation.

While waiting for your reply, I remain at your disposal and I beg you to accept the expression of my sincere greetings. “


The good points of this email , according to Pascal Doffémont, senior consultant at Hudson:

– The tone, rhythm and vocabulary chosen reflect a dynamic personality. What we are looking for a commercial job.

– The recovery of the main keywords of the ad, such as “complex service with high added value” .


An application email for a commercial assistant position


If you are looking for a dynamic and organized sales assistant who is able to provide administrative management and support for a sales team, then my application may interest you.

Indeed, my varied professional experience has proven my ability to adapt to various sectors of activity and allowed me to develop many administrative and commercial skills.

I managed the taking and the follow-up of orders or ensured with discretion and autonomy the secretariat of the direction. I also drew up the schedules of a dozen technicians and organized many events.

A significant experience of flying in aeronautics allowed me to acquire a very good level of English (935/990 to the TOEIC) as well as an ease in the commercial relation.

Naturally endowed with a very good relationship, I particularly appreciate the team work.

I therefore seek your firm to find a position in the aviation industry that is dear to me and in which I will be an enthusiastic and involved collaborator.

You will find attached my CV and I am at your disposal for an interview at your convenience.



The good points of this email, according to Corinne Cabanes, from the recruitment firm Corinne Cabanes & Associés

– The synthesis of skills and qualities acquired during past experiences.

– The motivation that appears clearly and convincingly for the aeronautics sector.

– The suggestion of a meeting, which should not be forgotten by the candidate.



Greetings: mistakes to ban in a cover letter

Error # 1: the approximate decreases

When you write in the language of Molière (and do not flay it) …

– The abbreviation of “Sir” is always “Mr.” and not “Mr” or other variant.

– That of gentlemen is indeed “MM. “

– Finally, Madam becomes “Mrs.” , without a point at the end.

– And ladies, “Mrs.” , simply.

For the letter to be quite effective, the abbreviation must even be followed by the last name of the recipient of the mail. Or, failing that, of his function. In the latter case, ” we must make sure to juggle between agreements if the speaker is a woman, ” warns Pierre Denier, professional coach. We will write as follows: “Madam Director of Human Resources”. And no, “Madam Director of Human Resources”.

Error # 2: Write “For”

Who has not tangled one another’s brushes between these two paronyms? Even if their pronunciations are close, it is the phrase “to the attention of” which must appear as a courtesy form in the header of your cover letter. The formula “for” indicates rather a project of action and is therefore synonymous with “for” or “in honor of”. We therefore distinguish: “For the attention of the commercial director” and “I wrote this report for the employees of my department”.

Error # 3: “be grateful”

According to recruiters, this is a common mistake among executives. However, ” it can be prohibitive for positions that require good writing skills ,” warns Claire Romanet, leader of the recruitment firm Elaee. The expression by which one expresses one’s gratitude is thus “to be grateful” . In the context of the motivation letter or e-mail, it gives: “You will be able to judge my interpersonal skills during the interview that I would appreciate you giving me . “

Error # 4: “Thank you for having”

There are many candidates who hesitate between the prepositions “of” and “for” in their polite formula. To prevent your application from joining the wrong pile, it is better to keep in mind this simple rule:

– When the verb “to thank” is followed by an infinitive, it is constructed with the preposition “of” .

As in this case: “Thank you for taking my application into consideration / for having accepted to receive me”.

– On the other hand, when this verb is followed by a countable noun, the preposition “for” is to be preferred.

For example: “Thank you for the invaluable advice given in the interview”.

Error No. 5: “I beg you, sir, to accept the assurance of my infinite benevolence”

Do you like the lyrical finishing touches? You beg the recruiter to accept … the expression of your deepest consideration? / the assurance of your infinite benevolence? “You have everything wrong,” asserts Pierre Denier. Unless you persist in wanting to become obsequious, ” the best is to favor sober formulas ,” says Claire Romanet. In addition, to conclude your letter of motivation on a good note, it is advisable to request, via this formula, a maintenance request.

Choose, for example, the formula: “Keeping at your disposal for a future interview, please accept, Sir, my sincere greetings” which will complete a well-kept motivation letter.

Conventional break request letter



Example of conventional break request letter

Firstname name



Place date

Subject: Conventional termination of employment contract

Mr. Director,

As the XXX position in your company since 00/00/00, I now want to devote myself to other professional projects.

For that, I would like to end my CDI as of 00/00/00.

I hereby suggest that you resort to a contractual termination of the employment contract, in accordance with Article L. 1237-11 of the Labor Code.

I remain at your disposal if you wish to organize an interview to discuss the modalities of this conventional break, in which case I will be assisted by the representative of the staff of the company, Mr. ZZZ.

Please accept, Sir, my sincere greetings.


When and to whom to send the break request letter?

It all depends on when you want your departure from the company to be effective, but the sooner the better! Indeed, unless the employer accepts a reduction suggested by you, the conventional break does not exempt you from giving notice , usually three months for executives (unless the collective agreement or employment contract provides for other provisions). The conventional break request letter is to be sent directly to the director of the company.

Information to be included in the letter

The details of the conventional break will be discussed between the employee and the employer, however, it is recommended to specify some in the letter:

– Your name ;

– The date of sending the request for a conventional break;

– The name of the company;

– The title of the position you occupy;

– The identity of the person who will assist you;

– The article of the Labor Code corresponding to the procedure of conventional rupture (L. 1237-11);

– The desired departure date of the company.

After receiving the letter

After this first contact, the employer summons his employee to an interview. This meeting aims to determine the terms of the termination of the employment contract (possible reduction of notice for example). During this interview, the employee is accompanied, usually by a staff representative who is advised to contact even before sending the letter. Once the details are settled, simply remain to sign the breakup agreement.

12 tips to take into account when taking photos of descent

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12 tips to keep in mind when taking photos of descent

  • mtb descent
  • downhill
  • sports photographer
  • freeride
  • Freeride Mountain Biking
  • freeride mtb
  • tricks photography
  • sports photography tricks

After a few weeks with some pause when writing in my photography blog today I return with an article that will come in handy if you are thinking about doing a photo session of descent .

Certainly, some of these tips are also applicable for other types of sports photography , bmx, skateboard, dirt jump … However I wanted to point out the details to take into account for photos of downhill, and I will try to explain them in this article today .

After this brief introduction about the main topic of today’s article, let’s go to it. Below I will detail 12 tips to take into account to make photos of descent .


Verify that your photographic equipment is as it should be:

It seems obvious, but I did not want to omit this point. Ideally, always have your photo equipment ready, you know. The batteries of the charged flashes, the batteries of the camera with a 100% charge, the photos of the last session passed to your digital file, the clean objectives, the filters to point, etc …

The fact is that if you do not check your photographic equipment , including all the accessories, you may encounter a problem when it comes to the site. And, remember that when you go to take pictures of descent you may have moved a lot. Can you imagine kicking a mountain back to look for something?

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Choose the means to move:

As you can imagine, riders go by bike, so you must choose a means to travel with them that allows you to follow them at any time. You can take your mountain bike , but remember that the downhill bikes are incredibly prepared for the skillful riders, and you may not be. In this case, and bearing in mind that you will have to carry your photographic equipment for the downhill photoshoot , it is better to do the tour on foot, or if you prefer, with the car from San Fernando.


Dress appropriately and comfortably:

It is important to wear appropriate and comfortable clothing especially for photos of descent. Remember the previous point, you will have to kick or pedal a lot. In many cases the best spot to take photos of the session will be a trialera, so a suitable footwear is also important. I have skidded by a 50 meters trialera for not preparing my shoes well, luckily, neither my team nor I suffer damage.

I have in mind that you are a daring person if you are ready to take a photo shoot downhill , but do not play it, a stumble could make your camera and also scratch your pocket, leave you without a session.

And do not forget your habit, a sandwich or something to snack will be good in the middle of the mountain. And above all, load with water and / or a soft drink. If you do not drive and are brave, you can also carry some beer.


Take into account the weight of your photographic equipment:

Since the photos of descent and freeride with mountain bike are mostly made in mountains or forests far from the urban area, it is very likely that the car with which you have moved to the place is far away, even further away will be as the session progresses of photos since you will change spot due to the fatigue of the riders. So you will have to carry the entire team at the beginning of the session.

Keep in mind that the weight of the equipment you will have to carry on your own, since the riders can not carry the bike and part of your equipment except in specific sections where the terrain is less technical and they can collaborate with a tripod, for example.

And above all, you must know that certain photography accessories will be useless in the middle of the forest. I remember once that a salesman from a photography store in Barcelona tried to offer me a studio footprint for a portable flash , imagine the boy’s laughs and face of circumstances.

A clamp is always better than a tripod for weight, but you will not always have a useful grip, so you’ll have to make up your mind assuming you have these two accessories to use the flash in different situations .

The bells, windows and softboxes for the flashes are fine , but some are not collapsible (no hood is), and if you also load with a honeycomb and / or a kneecap that includes an adapter for bowens bells and / or other brands you will have to leave other accessories at home or in the car since you only have two hands. In these cases, it is better to use mini softboxes pleglabes that occupy very little space and are very light. They will make you the times of a small campaign and include the disseminating fabric. Plastic diffusers will also be useful, although in this case the quality of the strobist light will not be as good as in the previous cases.

Considering all this, I am sure you are remembering it while you walk on the mountain, it is time to put yourself in situation. You are very close to the first spot chosen and you have to plan the composition of the first photos and make the most of the lighting fixtures that you have taken to the place. So let’s go to it, we move on to action.


The scene where to make the first photos of descent:

It is possible that one of the riders has already told you about the spot on the way to that same place, in this case, you were already thinking what it would be like, and when you arrived at the site you saw that it is a complicated scene for any reason. Is it advisable to move to another site?

My opinion is that you should try, it is clear who the photographer is , but you will get more collaboration to take the photos if you arrive at a site and try to take some shots. It is recommended that you teach the riders the first results, this will help them get more involved when it comes to getting the photos, and, on the other hand, they will see with their own eyes that this is a not very good scene to photograph.

In the event that the first spot is suitable, and you decide to take a few pictures, do not forget to study all the placement variables of your photographic equipment along with all your accessories. Ask the riders to explain their career, not all attendees will follow the same path in that spot.

Project Leader Assistant: 5 Key Tips for Your Resume

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1. Build your resume according to your goal

“At 27, after several experiments, you want to go from” Product Manager Assistant “to” Product Manager “. If this step is legitimate on paper, you still need to tell a little more about the CV.

Indeed, in the absence of a career summary and a presentation of the professional project, your CV first of all gives the impression of being made up of a succession of short missions. But you do not emphasize enough your alternating experience – and that a recruiter can not guess – that only appears at the very end of the page.

You must value the cohesion of your career, your progress and above all your qualities in relation to the position. Because they are not yet visible enough. “

2. Add value to your NGO experience

“As it stands, your resume does not sufficiently highlight your potential or your strengths in relation to the position, and does not show that you are ready to go beyond the role of the assistant.

Your NGO experience is interesting in this respect because it is underutilized. Your resume differentiates too much your direct job responsibilities from your management responsibilities during this period. But by doing so, your resume does not demonstrate your added value as a manager. You could further support your results as a manager. It’s a shame because your CV is missing an opportunity to score points against other candidates of your age. “

3. Why some changes

“The same goes for your personal results, by the way. For example, going from a major telephone company to a company where you continued to manage this account is a great personal achievement. Unfortunately, in the extremely succinct way in which it is presented, it is a mixed impression that we remember. Finally, it is unclear to which projects and offers you have participated outside the operational watch of the telecom market. Nor, incidentally, the reasons for the end of this mission that do not seem very clear …

Overall, just like this experience, your CV presents the missions you have been entrusted with more than the results you have achieved. It is not very sales: your future employer already knows your job and will be especially interested in the major contributions you have made to your employers and in the concrete results you have achieved. Your current CV makes you a (good) performer, which is not enough to be competitive in the job market. Because this approach confines you to your current functions … “

4. Emphasize “differentiating” skills

“Your CV also details some skills that are too” obvious “and not very differentiating from your competitors. For example, “communicating with the sales force to promote the product” is not sufficiently specific in relation to “competing” CVs. Your resume would benefit from “going back” to further specify how you organized this communication: strategy, channels, levers for example … “

5. On the shape, forget the colors

“Finally, your resume is not serious enough because of a bias on the form. Although visible, colored backgrounds are already counterproductive because they are rarely readable. But beyond that, they do not bring much to your resume and remove above all a necessary sobriety. Now, it is known: a sober form marks much more the spirits .. »

5 actions to   implement imm e diately

– Add a career summary to explain why you qualify for Project Leader status.

– Enhance your NGO experience by highlighting your results as a manager.

– Explain better your career changes.

– Make your skills a little more specific to stand out from your “competitors”.

– Forget the colorful backgrounds that scramble the message.


5 surefire tips for your cover letter to be read

Take care of the style of your letter


Image result for letter

To be clear, you have to use the direct style. Write short, clear sentences. Repeat 10 times before writing: “At the present participle, I say N (A) N! This precept will preserve convoluted sentences in favor of a fluid style so much more legible for the recruiter. Your letter will emit a seductive energy.

 “Responding in every respect to the desired qualities, I would be delighted to integrate your company”

 “Having completed a nine-month internship in the trading room, I would like to enrich my knowledge within your company …”

 After 6 years as a logistics manager at sites abroad, I want to get closer to my home region, which is your company.

 “At X, I gained experience as a strategic intelligence officer for nine months. The job you are proposing seems similar to me and I think it fits the profile you are looking for. “

Motivational mail: what vocabulary?

The cloth written in a few minutes during the lunch break can be seen right away. Yes, write a good letter, it takes time! Because depending on the position, there are certain words to use, a semantic field to include in your argument. Thus, you will speak the same language as the recruiter. So start by thinking about the recurring vocabulary of your craft and distil these words in your letter.

 For a web product manager job, this can give:
emailing strategy, direct marketing actions, project coordination, loyalty campaign, behavioral analysis of Internet users, writing design, quizzes, promotion actions.

The letter is not a CV

Not knowing what to say in their cover letter, too many candidates repeat the steps in their resume. Not smart ! The cover letter should be seen as the extra stuff that will allow the recruiter to decide between two applications. A good resume is good. But a good resume with a smart letter that accompanies it is better. It is in the letter that you can show that you are also someone who has a vision of his job. So say it! Talk about technical skills, versatility, ability to coach, sense of organization, method, efficiency.

 Ability to supervise, sense of organization, method:
“When I joined ABC in 20XX, I wanted to reorganize the working methods of my department in consultation with my close collaborators. The number of meetings has been reduced by 15% and the business lunches have been increased from 4 to 6 per month. Working time has been streamlined and the number of projects implemented has increased significantly. “

Franco! Anticipate the interview

What is the purpose of a letter of motivation? To get an interview, pardi! So do not hesitate to question the recruiter. You are interested in the job, but after reading the ad, you have questions.

 “What means will be implemented by the company to achieve the objectives of the position? “Or” Looking for a profile rather senior and experienced seems to me a factor of stability in a team. What do you think ? ”

Finally, add: “I would be delighted to be able to discuss these issues with you. Can we meet? “



Nowadays to be an effective blogger there are tools that one needs to differentiate oneself from the crowd. Here we present five completely free online tools that will not only make your life easier as a blogger but will make your content stand out, relevant when it comes to keeping up with trends. These tools are free for all Internet users, even for Ugandans are essential for a writer or content creator.

Image result for blog



Grammarly is a plug-in that is available to download both iOS and Android on your phone and also on your computer. The grammar automatically detects possible errors in grammar, spelling, choice of words and style. This application will edit everything you write, from email to your documents and even your social media account. It will show you your simple grammatical errors like badly used commas and complex ones like badly used modifiers. Grammar will improve your writing because it will not only show your mistakes but also explain why they are. This will help you not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Having Grammar is having a second pair of eyes to correct your work before sending it.

Idea generator

This application is for those slow days in which you can not find what to write. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those days when we do not know what we want to write about. To use this free tool all you need is to write a single word and this application will give you a number of possible titles to your article. This means that this will help you refresh your memory as creative juices start to flow. This generator of ideas will help you regardless of your niche or industry. This will help you generate many ideas and you can concentrate on developing the best ones.



Infogram is an application that will help you to make infographics. Infographics are information diagrams that range from graphics to animations, to word clouds and more. This application has some free features that will differentiate your blog from the rest. Interactive infograms will help you transmit complicated information in the simplest possible way. This will not only get rid of the long paragraphs that few people read, but will attract more readers to your site. This application is easy to use and there is live help when there is a problem. Infogram is an amazing application that is definitely essential in my book.


Hot searches

Hot searches of google trends is a free tool from Google. This tool simply shows you what’s in fashion. It shows you what people are searching on Google at this time. The world of blogs, we know that keywords are what Google uses to find our articles this tool helps you to have another access to what people are interested in what information they are trying to find. This tool will help your website stay relevant and attract visitors to the website that every blogger or content writer is looking for. This tool helps you give your audience what they want to read. When you use hot searches right from Google can be a secret success weapon like no other.


Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a free application that does not have any ads that are elegantly designed. It will instantly become one of your favorite applications to use when you are searching for a group of related words. This tool will help you produce repetitiveness in your writing and also expand your vocabulary as a writer. It is a very useful tool to have on hand when writing.

Copywriting: Describe Benefits before Features


Do you count the days that you need to disconnect from the routine?

Maybe you already have a few days reserved to go to the beach with the family. Or you may like the mountain and adventure sports more.

Anyway, today I want to remind you something that I am sure you have read in several articles on marketing, sales and copywriting.

I refer to the importance of talking about benefits instead of characteristics.

I advise you to review the strategic texts of your website before packing and analyze if you talk more about benefits or characteristics.

Do you see how your service / product is or avalanches directly to how you can improve your client’s life?

This is a fundamental exercise that you must perform if you want to increase your chances of success.

As consumers, we are attracted to the feelings and emotions that come from what we are going to pay for. It does not matter if it’s a clock, a sailing course or hiring a nanny for our children.

All, all, all purchasing decisions have a great emotional influence . Irrational.

Discover the advantages of talking about benefits in your texts to trigger the conversions of your texts #copywriting

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Benefits vs. Characteristics: the difference between selling or justifying a purchase

People rationalize our purchasing decisions based on facts (quality, price, durability, material, etc.).

But we make the purchase decision based on the feelings and emotions that evokes what we are going to acquire.

The solution to apply in your texts is simple: make a list of the benefits that your services or products bring to the life of the person who buys you and then write strategic texts that sell those final results.

If you have read this far, you already have the relevant information of this article to be able to go on vacation knowing something else.

But as the safest thing is that you’ve heard many times that it’s better to talk about benefits than characteristics when it comes to selling, I recommend you keep reading.

In his book The Error of Discards , Antonio Damasio , professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern California, argues that emotion is a necessary ingredient for almost all decisions.

For its part, the University of Rochestar School of Medicine published a study based on brain activity that reveals that emotions are the primary factor in all decisions. Also those of purchase.

In fact, this study reveals that “if we eliminate emotional factors it is impossible to make decisions of any kind in everyday life”.

People who have the damaged prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain where we process our emotions) are completely blocked when they have to make personal decisions. I am referring to everyday situations such as scheduling a visit with the doctor, tying a seatbelt or buying the newspaper.

Hallucinatory. True?

Emotions are important to this point.

But this is not all.

The 6 feelings that determine our decisions

When we face a decision, which may not be a purchase, the emotions and previous experiences that are related to it create the preferences that lead to our final decision.

For sales expert Geoffrey James explains that all purchasing decisions are reduced to a mix of the following six sentiments:

  • Greed: if I make a decision now, I will be rewarded
  • Fear: if I do not make a decision now, I shit!
  • Altruism: if I make a decision now, I will help others
  • Envy: if I do not make a decision now, my competition will win
  • Pride: if I make a decision now, I’ll look smart
  • Shame: if I do not make the decision now, I’ll look stupid

 Depending on the personality of the buyer and their emotional state at the time of making a purchase, will be influenced by one feeling or another.

When we make personal decisions we evaluate the risks or emotional benefits of that decision. If we can not grasp the emotional image, then we can make the decision.

As you see, there are plenty of reasons to appeal to emotions in your strategic texts. This is one of the main techniques of copywriting used since the origins of persuasive writing.

It is an indispensable condition for your texts to sell. If you conjure up mental images of the benefits of your services or products in the minds of your clients, you will be persuaded to end up making the desired click.

Think about it.

If you do not know how to convey the true value of what you offer and make your potential customer see the need to click, then it does not matter how good your offer is.

Do you want to sell? Evokes mental images of the benefits of your services or products in the minds of your customers

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Do you sell coaching courses?

Focus on the benefits a client will get when they finish the course.

  • How will you feel?
  • How will your life change?
  • What will he have gained?
  • What will he have lost?

Get in the mind of your reader. Identify your longings, fears and aspirations. And offer him what he needs, talking mainly about benefits.

How to convert characteristics into benefits?


If you are not clear about the benefits offered by your services or products, then you can ask yourself these questions.

Identify the characteristics first.

Suppose you are a mentor that helps professionals organize and plan time so that the client can meet their annual objectives. Your sessions are weekly (to track) and have a duration of one hour and a half. In each session, the objectives obtained the previous week are reviewed and the roadmap for the coming week is specified.

  • What problem reduces or eliminates that feature?
  • What does that feature bring to your client’s life?
  • What would happen to your client if that feature did not exist?

With these sessions, short and intense, your client will have enough time to be able to fulfill his objectives, having clear which tasks he should prioritize.

This will improve productivity and advance weekly in a guided manner towards your goals.

You will obtain a main benefit: you will achieve small goals each week that will bring you closer to your annual goal.

In addition, this feature will give you a feeling of continuous accompaniment, because you will not be alone.

Finally, if you can not have weekly sessions with you, the most likely thing is that your client loses focus and deviates, once again, from his route plan. Therefore, it will not reach its goals in one year.

You see it?

We have just transformed a feature into several benefits:

  • You will be clear about what weekly tasks you should prioritize
  • Improve your productivity
  • Advance in a guided way towards your goals, fulfilling small weekly objectives
  • You will feel accompanied during the process
  • It will have focus and will not deviate from the marked roadmap

The same feature could have several benefits. You must choose the one that most connects with your target audience and communicates it by adapting the message to your target.

Your strategic texts should convey the benefits of your service or product using the right tone

Let’s recap

It has detailed what final result a client will get if he hires you. Or if you buy one of your books. Or if you subscribe to your mailing list.

It may seem that it is easier to talk about characteristics than benefits. Surely it is true because to talk about emotional results we must think a little more.

But is it worth it?

It is much more effective.

Find that great benefit that your client will get and tell it with details in your texts. In this way, your reader will think: “this is for me”.

To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Transform characteristics into benefits
  • Discover the needs of your customers
  • Describe the benefits and incorporate the values of your brand
  • Provide reasons for your clients to make sure that you are the best option

Remember that in the field of personal development and welfare, when we talk about benefits, we refer above all to:

  • Health improvements
  • Tranquility, security
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Savings (time, worries, money)
  • Increase in knowledge
  • Release of fears
  • Family Reconciliations
  • Discovery of vocations
  • Improvements in food
  • Increase friendships
  • Find a partner
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Etc